50° to 75° Fahrenheit

40% to 65% Relative humidity

No extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity

No proximity to direct heat sources

No proximity to direct sunlight

No contact with moisture

Be aware that some changes in the surface configuration of the finishes should be anticipated.

Finishes can be reactive to changes of temperature and relative humidity, ideal conditions are temperatures between 50° F to 75° F and a relative humidity of 40% to 65%.

Objects must not come in contact with liquid, nor must they be allowed to be in dry conditions. They must be kept away from sources of direct heat (air sources as well as CPU’s and laptops), and out of direct sunlight or other harsh light sources.

Blot spills immediately with a succession of clean, soft, dry cloths until the spill is gone and the area is completely dry.

Dusting and Care
– Gently dust with a soft cotton cloth.

– Always use coasters under both hot and cold drinks.

– To prevent gouging and scratching, use felt backing on lamps, ashtrays, and accessories.

– When serving hot foods, always use place mats under plates and hot pads under serving dishes.

– To prevent moisture damage make sure plants are in drip-proof pots, and keep foliage from touching the finish.

– When placing items on surfaces, always set them down gently; when retrieving items, pick them up, don’t slide them.

– Don’t place rubber or synthetic materials, such as plastics, directly on surfaces, since they might contain chemicals that could damage the finish.

– Don’t place magazines or newspapers on surfaces; the ink will bleed into the finish and eventually damage the finish.