About the Artist

Using my hands and my imagination, I turn everyday pieces into an abiding source of inspiration.

I have spent thirty years working with rare materials such as animal skin parchment, gold leaf and pigment, creating contemporary furniture and handmade objects that are all at once functional and exquisite.

My work pays reverence to the uniqueness of the materials, taking seriously the hard work and sacrifice that has gone into their production. Each piece pays homage to the importance of structure and to the dignity and elegance of the natural world.

I work with designers and collectors who value the balance between passion and restraint. When it comes to custom work, I do not believe in making ill-suited decisions. I believe in careful planning, forthright communication, and creating the conditions for beauty and elegance to emerge.

Portrait of Sarah Pringle

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I have worked with a range of exceptional designers and their clients — patrons and collectors committed to creating superb interior spaces.

My work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Vogue Living, House and Garden, and Veranda and my finishes have appeared at international design fairs, such as PAD Paris. Selected for its refined design, in 2019, my work appeared as part of an exhibition in France that honors excellence in artisanship.

I am also a member of the International Salon of Artists and have volunteered on three campaigns with the Society of Gilders to help restore architectural gilding in New Orleans.


A former bookbinder and photographer, I have always been a curious perfectionist — a detail-oriented person who values seeing things in new and interesting ways.

My skills with parchment, pigment, and leather have come through years of inspired focus and dedication — qualities I learned from my grandmother and her large collection of bonsai. Watching her ‘operate’ on these small old trees taught me early lessons about refinement and committing to a process over the long-haul.

This depth of care and commitment has motivated me to take risks and embrace failures — to explore new and unusual ways of working with my materials.

I currently dream, design and create from my studio in Western Massachusetts, where I collaborate with architects, designers, furniture makers, metalworkers, upholsterers, conservators, artists, and other skilled individuals to create extraordinary custom work.

As a self-taught artist, I place a huge value on sharing my knowledge and expertise. I am indebted to the teachers, mentors, peers and predecessors whose words, books and technical manuals have furthered my success.

Through workshops and independent studies, I mentor creatives and artisans who share a similar sense of curiosity and motivation — artisans committed to finding their own degree of mastery and evolving the field.