Lambskin Parchment Accent Lamp

The Lambskin Parchment Accent Lamp is entirely covered in a rare French lambskin parchment, a beautifully figured skin with a complex tonal range. The three windows are covered from the inside with transparent goatskin parchment which emits dimmable LED light.

This design was created at the request of the sales director at Bodin-Joyeux, a French manufacturer of parchment, vellum and lambskin leather. I was asked to make a small object using their parchment for display at "La Beauté du Geste" by the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) -- an impressive traveling event celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance throughout the Loire Valley the summer of 2019. Fourteen EPV living heritage companies were selected to participate in the exhibition. This piece represents the excellence of French savior-faire.

French antique lambskin and transparent lambskin parchment, Hafele LED with dimmer switch and cord (black).

Unique - Private Collection

5.25” 8.5” 15.37”
133mm 216mm 390mm

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