Goatskin Vellum Screen

The Goatskin Vellum Screen features a trapezoidal pattern of English goatskin vellum on the front and edges and rift white oak veneer on the back. Across the four panels are 104 pieces of goatskin vellum, a luminous, translucent animal skin material. Each piece was selected for color, tone and grain pattern and applied with butt joins that wrap to the back veneered edge. I use a contemporary construction method for the panels: aluminum honeycomb core, soft maple perimeter wood frame and Medex faces. This construction keeps the panels rigid to compensate for the two different materials on the front and back. The base is dyed solid oak and the double action hinges and feet are patinated brass.

English goatskin vellum, rift white oak veneer, dyed solid oak, patinated brass custom feet and double action hinges.

Edition of two
Photo: johnpolakphotography.com

80.75″ (each panel: 20”) 1.25” 77”
2051mm (each panel: 508mm) 32mm 1965mm

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