Studio Intensives

I work with creatives and artisans who want to dig deep and commit. In return, I teach the techniques and processes I have refined in my three decades as a designer, creator and problem-solver.


Studio intensives offer emerging and established artists access to the history, tools, techniques, and innovations needed to work with these materials in new and interesting ways. You will learn traditional and nontraditional methods of application along with signature techniques I have developed and honed along the way.

My courses provide an opportunity to gain a lot of technical competency in a short amount of time — a rigorous and highly supportive environment where artists can advance their creativity.

I welcome you to my studio and into a deeper conversation with the materials.

Vellum & Parchment Work

Learn how to work with vellum and parchment on a range of three-dimensional objects. Learn techniques for creating original furniture and works of art.

Independent study only

Water Gilding

Learn water gilding with gold and semi-precious leaf. Create complex gilded finishes that enhance the integrity of the material.

Independent Studies and Group Workshops


Learn how to apply leather onto hard surfaces such as furniture, panels, cabinet work and sculptures.

Independent Studies and Group Workshops

The world needs artisans — creative thinkers and problem-solvers committed to materializing their visions.



A thorough and methodical teacher, I believe in sharing what I know. Workshops offer an in-depth understanding of traditional and non-traditional ways of working along with clear insight into how and why I have developed particular techniques.

I also believe in the importance of experimentation. By sharing stories of success and failure, I create a supportive and constructive learning environment for emerging and established artists to learn, explore, play and take risks.

Intensive workshops generally run 5-7 days. I intentionally keep my workshops small, taking no more than five students at a time. This allows me to provide more hands-on guidance throughout the course.

Independent Study

Independent Studies

Immerse yourself in a working studio and study one-on-one with a recognized expert in the field.

From detailed explanations of processes to personal stories of success and failure — I share the tricks of the trade, supporting you — the artist — in finding your own degree of mastery with the materials. Independent Studies offer you a window into the history, tools, techniques, innovations, and practical set-up of an experienced artist. They are designed for artists who want to commit themselves fully to their learning.

Intensive Studies range from three days to ongoing work over the course of a month or more. The scope of study depends on what you want to get out of the experience.

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