Knowledge is meant to be shared.

Below are articles and tutorials aimed at sharing what I have learned in my three decades as a working artist. I have devoted a lot of time and energy to honing and improving my techniques. When it comes to sharing technical information, I believe in sharing everything and anything I think will benefit you in improving and innovating your techniques.

There are thousands, if not millions, of extraordinary artists in the world. Sharing what I know — resources, tools, and tips — is how I contribute to the community of artisans eager to explore new ways of working with these materials.

"Notes on Working with Parchment from an Allied Craft"

Guild of Bookworkers Journal, Vol. 49, Copyright © 2020: pp. 33-43.

The process of covering an object in parchment is an advanced technique that requires respect for this material’s demanding nature. After being introduced to parchment work as a hand bookbinder, I pivoted to larger objects, parchment applications for custom furniture, architectural panels and sculptures. In this article for the Guild of Bookworkers Journal I offer technical expertise and process insights to those interested in gaining an understanding of parchment work.