Leatherwork Studio Intensives

My introduction to leatherwork was through hand bookbinding.

This is where I first practiced covering an object in leather. I now only work with leather on furniture and other three dimensional objects, directly applying the material to hard surfaces such as sculptures, panels, furniture and case pieces.

My techniques do not involve stitching. Instead, the process relies on careful skin selection, small hand tools, appropriate adhesives, concentration, and the dexterous use of my hands.

Studies in leatherwork can be pursued through independent study or small group workshops. Small workshops give you the opportunity to learn alongside others while independent studies allow for more one on one guidance and the opportunity to advance at your own pace.

Introduction to Leather on Furniture and Panels

Learn the basic skills for working with leather to cover panels and furniture in a non-upholstery method.

Intermediate Ways of Working With Leather on Furniture & Panels

Learn advanced techniques for working with leather on custom furniture, panels and case pieces.


I teach one foundation level workshop in leatherwork and one intermediate level workshop.

Independent Study

Independent Studies in leatherwork are taught in an individual, one-on-one setting. The learning is personalized for the artist’s interests and skill set.

INQUIRE with me to discuss educational resources and opportunities