Vendor List: Gilding, Vellum & Parchment, Leather

Gilding Supplies & Gold Leaf Manufacturers

Gilding Supplies & Gold Leaf Manufacturers

Below are the businesses I have worked with or have come highly recommended to me (divided by US and European companies). Gold leaf vendors who are also manufacturers are marked with a "[M]".


Angel Gilding: Extensive selection of glass gilding supplies, technical support

Faux Brushes, books, decorative painting supplies and classes, to the trade decorative painting services, technical support

Gilded (retail store for Sepp Leaf):Extensive selection of gold leaf and gilding products (this is the retail side of Sepp Leaf)

Guerra Paint & Pigment: Pigments, extensive selection of pigment concentrates, metallic powders, binders, technical support

John Neal Books: Supplies for calligraphers, lettering artists, illuminators, bookbinders, type and papercraft enthusiasts worldwide with books, tools, and materials.

Kremer Pigments: Extensive selection of pigments, gilding supplies and materials (calcium carbonate and rabbit skin glue), technical support.

Letterhead Sign Supply:Sign and glass gilding supplies.

Natural Pigments: Pigments, paints, tools, gold leaf, metal point supplies, technical support.

NEI Group (Easy Leaf Products): Gold leaf and gilding products.

Reed’s Gold Leaf Studios: Gilding screen frames, gilding services.

Sepp Leaf Products, Inc. (wholesale): Extensive selection of gold leaf and gilding products.

Sinopia: Pigments, clay bole, gilding products, technical support.

Talas: Conservation, bookbinding and gilding supplies.

[M] W & B Gold Leaf: Gold manufacturer, extensive selection of gold leaf and gilding products, technical support.


L. Cornelissen & Son: Gilding supplies, art supplies

[M] Giusto Manetti Battiloro: Gold manufacturer

Kremer Pigmente - Pigment Mill Germany: Extensive selection of pigments, rabbit skin glue, calcium carbonate, technical support.

Laverdure & fils: Gilding supplies, finishing supplies.

Wrights of Lyme Ltd.: Gilding supplies, art supplies.

Vellum and Parchment Makers & Vendors

Vellum and Parchment Makers & Vendors

Below are the businesses I have worked with or those whose parchment and vellum I have seen in person (divided by United States, Europe & South America). If you know of other parchment tanneries or vendors that are not on this list, I’d love to know about them too. Please feel free to contact me and share!

I would like to thank the businesses and individual employees who manufacture these materials. Making parchment and vellum is a messy, smelly, and laborious artisanry. Every time I purchase skins I am grateful there are businesses that continue to make this rare and exquisite material.


Dualoy: Vendor of parchment and vellum from Europe.

Keleen Leathers: Vendor of domestic parchment.

ELE-GLOBAL - manufacturer of Yorkite: Yorkite was developed specifically for the furniture and woodworking industries. Yorkite is a 100% manufactured wood veneer, compatible with all woodworking systems. It is a resin-free cellulose, chemically converted into a remarkably high strength, easy-to-use veneering material. It is smooth and very dense.

Pergamena Parchment & Leather: Parchment, vellum and leather tannery and vendor.

Stern Tanning: Parchment maker and vendor.

Talas: Vendor of an extensive selection of parchments and vellums from around the world.

Twinrocker: Makers of contemporary handmade paper. I use their handmade Abaca Paper to counter warp parchment and vellum panels.


Altenburger: Vellum & parchment maker and vendor.

Bodin Joyeux: Vellum & parchment maker and vendor.

Dumas Tannerie Parcheminerie: Vellum & parchment maker and vendor.

William Cowley Parchment and Vellum Works: Vellum & parchment maker and vendor.


Cortume Runge: Vellum & parchment maker and vendor.

Product Care for Objects with Specialty Finishes

Product Care for Objects with Specialty Finishes


  • Be aware that, over time, some changes of the finishes should be anticipated.
  • Finishes can be reactive to changes of temperature and relative humidity, ideal conditions are temperatures between 50° F to 75° F and a relative humidity of 40% to 65%. Do not expose objects to extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • Objects must not come in contact with liquid, nor must they be allowed to be in extremely dry conditions. They must be kept away from sources of direct heat (air sources as well as CPU’s and laptops), and out of direct sunlight or other harsh light sources.
  • Blot spills immediately with a succession of clean, soft, dry cloths until the spill is gone and the area is completely dry.

Dusting and Care

  • Gently dust with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Always use coasters under both hot and cold drinks.
  • To prevent gouging and scratching, use felt backing on lamps, ashtrays, and accessories.
  • When serving hot foods, always use placemats under plates and hot pads under serving dishes.
  • To prevent moisture damage make sure plants are in drip-proof pots, and keep foliage from touching the finish.
  • When placing items on surfaces, always set them down gently. When retrieving items, pick them up, don’t slide them.
  • Don’t place rubber or synthetic materials, such as plastics, directly on surfaces, since they might contain chemicals that could damage the finish.
  • Don’t place magazines or newspapers on surfaces; the ink will bleed into the finish and eventually damage the finish.