Vendor List: Gilding, Vellum & Parchment, Leather

Gilding Supplies & Gold Leaf Manufacturers Vellum and Parchment Makers & Vendors Leather Tanneries & Vendors Product Care for Objects with Specialty Finishes Gilding Supplies & Gold Leaf Manufacturers Gilding Supplies & Gold Leaf Manufacturers Below are the businesses I have worked with or have come highly recommended to me (divided by US and European…

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History & Current Application of Gilding Screen Frames

gilding screens

Introduction History How to Use Making the Frame Covering the Frame Introduction I am a furniture and panel gilder, with a background in bookbinding. When I first saw someone using a gilding screen frame for book edge gilding about ten years ago, I knew it would be a great tool for my work as well.…

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Parchment & Vellum: Specifications and Tips for Acquiring Skins

Hand rubing chalk

I’ve been working with parchment and vellum for over 35 years. I started as a hand bookbinder and then pivoted to working on custom furniture and architectural elements for the interior design trade. I now design and produce furniture and objects that incorporate surface finishes of parchment, water gilding, and leatherwork. I also teach the…

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